Tropical Update

Meteorologists from say indications are that the tropical Atlantic will give birth to several storm systems over the next few weeks.

Alex Sosnowski, expert senior meteorologist at says:

It is possible that we will plow through at least three named systems by August 25:Â   Franklin, Gert and Harvey.

August is a time when the Cape Verde storms (tropical systems that originate from the Cape Verde Islands near Africa) begin to ramp up, while the risk of near-shore formation of storms continues.†

According to the National Hurricane Center, two areas of low pressure in the eastern Atlantic Ocean have a medium chance of developing into tropical cyclones during the next 48 hours.

Just last week NOAA’s Climate Prediction Center raised the number of expected named storms for the 2011 Atlantic hurricane season.

NOAA now expects 14 to 19 named storms, up from its earlier forecast of 12 to 18, while the expected number of hurricanes also increased to 7 to 10 (from 6 to 10).

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