Winter Arrives Early

As the first snowstorm of the season hits the Northeast it’s a timely reminder of the significant potential damage that winter weather can cause. Winter storms result in about $1 billion in insured losses annually and are the third largest cause of catastrophe losses, after tropical cyclones and tornadoes. Melting snow can inflict significant damage to property. From 1988 to 2007, winter storms resulted in $24.4 billion in insured losses. As to what to plan for this winter, the Farmers Almanac is forecasting a colder winter than usual. It predicts temperatures will be below average throughout much of the nation. Heavy snowfall is expected from southern New England southwestward into the Ozarks. Brrrr! Check out I.I.I. facts & stats on winter storms.  

One thought on “Winter Arrives Early”

  1. Claire,
    You are hitting the nail right on the head! Our restoration company responds to many losses that could be prevented with a little proactive planning. The month of October should be designated by insurance companies as “Water Damage Awareness/Education Month”. With a bit of effort this problem could easily be reduced.

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