Women and Finance

Farmers Insurance has launched a new Web site for women called Take Away the Worry. The site recognizes women’s growing influence in financial matters. Nine out of 10 women participate in or direct the financial decisions that affect households and the site is designed to provide easy-to-use financial information and fiscal insights. Organized around five life-stage categories – Singles, Single Parents, Couples with Kids, Couples without Kids, and Empty Nest and Beyond – the site offers numerous topics appropriate to each life stage. For example, Couples with Kids includes career planning, college planning, financial issues, home and auto, raising a family, and retirement. The site also includes a resource center with additional online links providing further information. Check out today’s online article at Insurance Journal for more details on this initiative.

One thought on “Women and Finance”

  1. I think it’s great that insurance companies are doing more to help people learn about the necessity of insurance. I also heard a statistic recently that talked about how women are involved in the majority of financial decisions in the home, and more often than not they are the ones making the decisions.

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