Wrapping up 2009 – Part II

Legal decisions have a big impact on the insurance industry, so it’s fitting that we see out the year with a couple of great round-ups  from the legal experts. Music fans will enjoy the tribute to pop legend Michael Jackson in Thriller: 9th Annual Review of the Year’s Ten Most Significant Insurance Coverage Decisions by attorney Randy Maniloff of law firm White and Williams LLP. Maniloff’s new rendition of the MJ classic “Beat It† may just reach the top of the insurance charts. His accompanying 2nd annual Coverage for Dummies special report also makes for an entertaining read with its summary of the not-to-be-believed behavior that causes injury and the filing of a lawsuit, followed by the inevitable insurance claim. U.S. Supreme Court decisions have the ability to change the course of entire categories of litigation and with them the fortunes of insurers. Over at Lawyers USA, Kimberly Atkins summarizes some of the top Supreme Court rulings of 2009. Among them, Wyeth v. Levine, a decision with significant ramifications for product liability litigation we wrote about here, and Gross v. FBL Financial Services an age discrimination ruling we wrote about here. Meanwhile, the National Law Journal’s (NLJ) spotlight on the decade’s biggest legal stories brings out some top insurance stories too. This decade saw the war on terror test the limits of law and accounting scandals flood the courts, stories which rank first and third respectively on the NLJ list.

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