Top 10 Most Catastrophic Multiple-Death Fires, 2014 (1)
Rank Month State Type of facility Deaths
1 January Kentucky Single-family home 9
2 March New York Two five-story mixed-occupancy buildings  8
3 April California Three-vehicle (car, bus, truck tractor) interstate crash 8
4 July Massachusetts Three-story mixed-use building 7
5 February Indiana Single-family home 6
6 May Massachusetts Two-engine passenger jet on airport runway 6
7 June New Jersey Single-family home 6
8 August North Carolina Manufactured home 6
9 October Pennsylvania Single-family home 6
10 November Maine Three-story rooming house 6
(1) Fires that kill five or more people in residential property, or three or more people in nonhome or nonstructural property. Source: Based on date from Catastrophic Multiple-death fires in 2014 by Stephen G. Badger, ©National Fire Protection Association.