Top Nine Most Catastrophic Multiple-Death Fires, 2015 (1)
Rank Month State Type of facility Deaths
1 March New York Three-story single-family home 7
2 January Maryland Three-story single-family home 6
3 January Ohio One-story single-family home 5
4 October Kentucky Three-story single-family home and a two-unit home 5
5 December  California One-story single-family dwelling 5
6 September California Wildland/urban interface 4
7 November Ohio Small business jet aircraft and four-unit apartment building 4
8 April California One-story tire shop 3
9 August Washington Wildland/urban interface 3
(1) Fires that kill five or more people in residential property, or three or more people in nonhome or nonstructural property. There were only nine castastrophic fires in 2015 that met this criteria. Source: Based on data from Catastrophic Multiple-Death Fires in 2015 by Stephen G. Badger, ©National Fire Protection Association. Used with permission.