How Victims' Information Is Misused, 2017 (1)


Type of identity theft fraud Percent
Miscellaneous identity theft (2) 51.9%
Credit card fraud 16.8
     New accounts 12.7
Employment or tax-related fraud 10.1
     Tax fraud 7.5
Phone or utilities fraud 7.4
Bank fraud (3) 6.4
Loan or lease fraud 4.2
Government documents or benefits fraud 3.2
(1) Percentages are based on the total number of identity theft complaints in the Federal Trade Commission’s Consumer Sentinel Network (371,061 in 2017). (2) Includes online shopping and payment account fraud, email and social media fraud, and medical services, insurance and securities account fraud, and other identity theft. (3) Includes fraud involving checking, savings, and other deposit accounts and debit cards and electronic fund transfers. Source: Federal Trade Commission.