U.S. Storm Surge Risk, Gulf and Atlantic States, 2022


  Single-family residential homes potentially affected (1) Multi-family residential homes potentially affected (2)
Storm surge risk level (3) (Storm category) Number of units Number of units
Category 1 1,281,273 40,426
Category 2 2,741,505 94,745
Category 3 4,436,484 156,948
Category 4 6,419,157 234,200
Category 5 7,527,853 258,821
(1) Residential structures less than four stories, including mobile homes, duplexes, manufactured homes and cabins. (2) Apartments, condominiums and multi-unit dwellings. (3) The risk categories are cumulative and increase in value from Category 1 to Category 5. Category 1 represents the higher risk of damage from a weak hurricane; Category 5 includes Categories 1 to 4 and the low risk of damage from a Category 5 hurricane. Source: CoreLogicĀ®, a property data and analytics company. May not be re-sold, republished or licensed to any other source without prior written permission from CoreLogic.