Current Table

World Natural Disaster Insured Losses By Peril, 2000-2019 (1)

(2019 US$ billions)

Peril Insured loss (2)
Tropical cyclone $446
Severe weather (3) 359
Flooding 188
Earthquake 102
Drought 80
Winter weather 62
Wildfire 57
European windstorm 47
Other 1

(1) Natural disasters that cause at least US$25 million in insured losses; or 10 deaths; or 50 people injured; or 2,000 filed claims or homes and structures damaged. As of January 2020.
(2) Adjusted for inflation by Aon using the U.S. Consumer Price Index.
(3) Includes losses from severe convective storms such as thunderstorms, tornadoes and hailstorms, straight-line winds and flooding that could occur with these storms.

Source: Aon.