U.S. Wildfire Risk, 2019


Risk (1) Total residences at risk (2) Total estimated reconstruction cost value (3) ($ billions)
Low 28,716,516 $7,888.00
Moderate 326,838 108.95
High 924,623 318.38
Extreme 775,654 220.20
(1) Residences at extreme risk are most likely to sustain damage or be destroyed because they are within or close to high-risk fuel location where high intensity wildfires occur. Residences in low to high risk areas are further away from wildland fuels but are vulnerable to ember ignitions. (2) Single- and multi-family residences. (3) Based on the total destruction of the residential structure using the combined cost of construction materials as well as equipment and labor. Source: CoreLogic®, a property data and analytics company.