U.S. Hurricane Wind Risk, Gulf and Atlantic States, 2023


  Single-family residential homes potentially affected (1) Multifamily residential homes potentially affected (2)
Hurricane wind risk level (3) Number of units Reconstruction cost value (4) ($ billions) Number of units Reconstruction cost value (4) ($ billions)
Extreme 6,366,925 $1,843.0 125,218 $45.9
Very high or greater 14,797,190 4,445.0 229,932 91.8
High or greater 22,304,482 7,420.5 661,973 353.8
Moderate or greater 32,084,697 11,085.1 992,979 559.8
(1) Residential structures less than four stories, including mobile homes, duplexes, manufactured homes and cabins. (2) Apartments, condominiums and multi-unit dwellings. (3) The risk categories are cumulative and increase in value from extreme to moderate or greater. The moderate or greater wind risk level encompasses all four wind risk levels." (4) Combines materials, equipment and labor, but does not include the value of the land or lot. Source: CoreLogicĀ®, a property data and analytics company.