Top 10 Costliest World Natural Disasters by Insured Losses, 2022 (1)

(US$ billions)

Rank Date Country/region Event Insured loss (2)
1 Sep. 29-Oct. 1 U.S., Cuba Hurricane Ian $52.5
2 Annual U.S. U.S. Drought 8.0
3 Feb. 23-Mar. 31 Austrailia QLD & NSW Floods 4.0
4 Feb. 18-19 Western and Central Europe Windstorm Eunice 3.4
5 Annual Southern, Western and Central Europe European Drought 3.0
6 Mar. 16 Japan Fukushima Earthquake 2.9
7 Jun. 1-Sep. 30 China China Seasonal Floods 0.4
8 Annual China China Drought 0.2
9 May 17-Oct. 31 India India Seasonal Floods 0.1
10 Jun. 14-Oct. 30 Pakistan Pakistan Seasonal Floods 0.1
All other events       $57.4
Total 2022       $132.0
(1) Natural disasters that cause at least US$25 million in insured losses; or 10 deaths; or 50 people injured; or 2,000 filed claims or homes and structures damaged. Hurricane losses in the United States include National Flood Insurance Program losses. As of January 2023. (2) Includes losses sustained by private insurers and government-sponsored programs. Subject to change as loss estimates are further developed. (3) Includes severe convective storms such as thunderstorms, tornadoes and hailstorms, straight-line winds and flooding that could occur with these storms. Note: Loss data shown here may differ from figures shown elsewhere for the same event due to differences in the date of publication, the geographical area covered and other criteria used by organizations collecting the data. Source: Aon.