Gun Deaths and Injuries

Gun Deaths and Injuries

The societal cost of U.S. injuries from firearms, including lost work time, medical care, insurance, criminal-justice expenses, pain and suffering and lost quality of life, amounted to about $174 billion in 2010, according to an analysis of Centers for Disease Control and Prevention data by the Pacific Institute for Research and Evaluation. Fatal injuries accounted for $153.3 billion, or nearly 90 percent of the costs. Suicides accounted for 53 percent of the societal cost of firearm injuries, followed by homicides and assaults, accounting for 41 percent. Unintentional acts, legal intervention and acts of undetermined intent account for the remainder.

Deaths In The United States By Firearm, 2012 And 2013

  Number Percent of total
Deaths caused by firearms 2012 2013 (1) 2012 2013 (1)
Accidental discharge of firearms 548 505 1.7% 1.5%
Suicide by firearm 20,666 21,175 62.5 63.8
Assault (homicide) by firearm 11,622 11,208 35.1 33.8
Undetermined intent 256 281 0.8 0.8
Total (2) 33,092 33,169 100.0% 100.0%

(1) Preliminary.
(2) Excludes deaths resulting from legal intervention.

Source: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, National Vital Statistics Report.

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