Natural Disasters

Insurance Company Claims Filing Telephone Numbers Article
Am I Covered? Article
This brochure, based on the questions consumers most frequently ask, explains what is covered in a standard homeowners policy and what is not. Where gaps in coverage exist, it tells you how to fill them.
Disaster Victims: Beware of Crooked Contractors Video
Catastrophes: Insurance Issues Issues Updates
Natural Catastrophe Webinar 2013: Key Topic Summary Article
A global overview of natural catastrophes for the year.
Frequently Asked Questions about FEMA Disaster Assistance Article
In the wake of Hurricane Sandy survivors continue to have questions about federal disaster assistance
Preparing for an Earthquake Article
In Case of an Earthquake Article
Recovering from an Earthquake Article
Protecting Your Home from an Earthquake Video
Earthquakes: Risk and Insurance Issues Issues Updates
U.S. Earthquake History Article
New Madrid Earthquakes Bicentennial, 2011-2012 Article
The New Madrid earthquakes were a series of three of the most intense earthquakes in U.S. history
Chilean Earthquake Fact Sheet Article
California Earthquake Authority White Papers
The San Francisco Earthquake of 1906: An Insurance Perspective Article
NPR Interview with Dr.Robert Hartwig (Includes Audio) Article
The Northridge, CA, Earthquake 20 Years After: Facts, Figures and Perspectives Article
The Northridge, California, earthquake of 1994 was the costliest earthquake in U.S. history in terms of insured losses.
Facts About Flood Insurance Article
In Case of a Flood Article
Recovering from a Flood Article
Flood Insurance Issues Updates
National Flood Insurance Program Article
Hurricane Awareness Article
Preparing for a Hurricane Article
Tips for protecting yourself, your family and your property.
Hurricane Insurance Fact Sheet Article
Hurricane and Windstorm Deductibles Issues Updates
Hurricanes Fact & Statistic
Making Your Home More Hurricane Resistant: Five Steps Video
Hurricane and Disaster Preparedness Video
Hurricane Sandy and Insurance: FAQs Article
Hurricane Sandy Fact File - October 2014 Article
Hurricane Sandy caused $18.75 billion in property losses, excluding flood insurance claims covered by the federal flood insurance program.
Hurricane Katrina: Fact File - March 2010 Article
5 Years After Hurricane Katrina: Know the Steps Every Homeowner Should Take Video
Hurricane Andrew and Insurance: The Enduring Impact of an Historic Storm White Papers
Hurricane Fact Files and Market Share by State Fact & Statistic
Connecticut Hurricane Insurance: Fact File Article
D.C. Hurricane Insurance: Fact File Article
Delaware Hurricane Insurance: Fact File Article
Florida Hurricane Insurance: Fact File Article
Georgia Hurricane Insurance: Fact File Article
Maine Hurricane Insurance: Fact File Article
Maryland Hurricane Insurance: Fact File Article
Massachusetts Hurricane Insurance: Fact File Article
Mississippi Hurricane Insurance: Fact File Article
New England Hurricane Insurance: Fact File Article
New Hampshire Hurricane Insurance: Fact File Article
North Carolina Hurricane Insurance: Fact File Article
Pennsylvania Hurricane Insurance: Fact File Article
Rhode Island Hurricane Insurance: Fact File Article
Virginia Hurricane Insurance: Fact File Article
Tornado Safety Article
In an average year about 1,000 tornadoes are reported in the United States.
In Case of a Tornado Article
Recovering from a Tornado Article
Marketplace Interview with Dr. Robert Hartwig on Tornadoes (Includes Audio) Article
Wildfires Issues Updates
Wildfire Facts Article
Frequently Asked Questions about Wildfires Article
Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire Centennial Article
The Triangle Shirt Waist Company Fire occurred on March 25, 1911, and resulted in the death of 146 workers.
How to Pick a Lightning Protection System Video
Lightning Safety: Myths vs. Facts Article
The best lightning safety plan of all is to take shelter in a house or enclosed vehicle during a storm.
Lightning Myths Video
Sinkholes and Insurance Article
While most insurance policies exclude coverage for earth movement, some states that require insurers to offer optional sinkhole coverage for an additional premium.
Volcanoes Fact & Statistic
Winter Storms Fact & Statistic
Pandemic: Can the Life Insurance Industry Survive the Avian Flu? White Papers