Safety and Mitigation

Safety Tips
Hidden Hazards In Your Home Video
Smoke Detector Safety Video
Pool Safety Article
Swimming Pool Safety Video
Lightning Coverage and Safety Article
Damage caused by lightning, such as fire, is covered by standard homeowners and business insurance policies.
Lightning Safety: Myths vs. Facts Article
The best lightning safety plan of all is to take shelter in a house or enclosed vehicle during a storm.
Lawnmower Safety Article
Grilling Safety Article
Grill Safety Video
Shopping for a Safe Car Article
Car Breakdown Safety Video
Air Bags: Potential Dangers to Your Children Video
Booster Seat and Seatbelt Safety Video
Protecting Teenage Drivers Video
Distracted Driving Article
Driving With Trucks Video
School Bus Safety Video
Trampoline Safety Video
Inline Skating Safety Video
Jet Ski Safety Video
Mitigation and Prevention
Proper Home Maintenance: Preventing Losses Video
Protect Your Home Against Arson Video
Protecting Your House From Mold Article
Winter Weather Preparation Article
Tips for Surviving Severe Cold Weather Article
Preparing your home for extreme cold.
Protect Your Home Against Mold Video
Protecting Your Roof from Hail Video
Child Proofing Your Home Video
Making Your Home More Hurricane Resistant: Five Steps Video
How to Pick a Lightning Protection System Video
Lawn Mower Safety Video
Preventing Dog Bites Video
Be a Responsible Dog Owner Video
Protect Yourself Against Auto Theft Video
Bicycle Safety and Insurance Article
Bicycles are covered under the personal property section of standard homeowners and renters insurance policies.
Bicycle Safety Video