Consider the FULL cost of of being a pet parent (BEFORE taking home that cute dog, cat or bird…)


If you keep up with such things (and I do…),  a number of animal shelters are reporting an overabundance of pets. Many of these animals were given as holiday gifts, but when the owners realized the cost, time and responsibility of living with a pet, they gave the animal away to a shelter (in some circles, this is what’s known as “101 Dalmatians syndrome.”)

Now I understand the desire to get a new pet–I currently have a parrot (pictured above, practicing excellent avian oral hygiene), and am weighing the pros and cons of adding a dog to my household. As potential pet parents, not only do we need to think about the time it takes to groom, walk or train our  pets; but also the expenses related to pet ownership … especial the enormous cost involved if your pet gets sick or injured.

Video: Click and view to learn more about pet health insurance!   

It’s also a given that  you are legally responsible for the actions of your pets. So, if your dog, bird or lizard bites someone you may be liable. (For example, did you know that dog bites alone account for one third of all home owners’ liability claims?)

And, if your pet destroys, say, your neighbor’s rug, you are also legally responsible for that, too. The good news is that pets are covered under the liability portion of standard home or renters insurance policies.  So you’d  be covered if your pet accidently injures someone (other than a member of your household) or destroys someone else’s property.

With this in mind, it’s vital that you get the right pet for your situation. If you work or travel a lot, a cat or a fish tank with an automatic feeder may be a better option than a puppy that needs a lot of attention.


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