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Introducing Triple-I Amplify

PR strategies to power your organization’s success—while lowering communications overhead

Ask yourself a simple question: “What does success look like for your organization?”

The media environment today is evolving faster than we thought possible even a few years ago. Nevertheless, in a time of cross-channel messaging, 24-hour news cycles and micro-segmented target audiences, one fundamental rule still applies: To be heard, you need to boost signal and cut noise.

Communicating with impact and immediacy has never been more important. It’s the most effective way for your business to unify people, share your goals and values, and control the narrative.

What are your biggest outreach challenges? Triple-I Amplify is built to solve them.

Whether your mission is membership building and development, advocacy, data analytics or fostering innovation, making audiences understand and embrace your point of viewand take decisive actionis the key to creating real value.

Partner with the most trusted source of insurance information to reach your communications goals.

Powered by the insurance industry’s long-time leading independent source of objective information, insight and analysis, Triple-I Amplify helps industry trade associations, bureaus and nonprofits succeed. Our teams, and the Triple-I’s growing network of non-resident experts, research the issues that matter most to your organization and craft customized communications solutions that work.

Customized Communications Services: The Triple-I Amplify Advantage

Customized Communications Services
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Successful organizations understand one rule: Communications shouldn’t be an afterthought; it should be your first thought

From message development to media relations to speech writing and social media, Triple-I Amplify is helping organizations produce communications with greater impact and at a lower cost than traditional PR firms. Our clients put their trust in us because we understand insurance.

Why Amplify?

A cost-effective extension of your staff, powered by Triple-I's deep industry relationships and expertise

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Discover how Triple-I Amplify helps clients solve their most pressing communications challenges.


     “We’ve thought about hiring a traditional PR agency but we decided to partner with Amplify
     because Triple-I understands the insurance business and offers a more cost-effective
     solution and unique advantages we can’t get anywhere else.”
               - John Miklus, executive director, American Institute of Marine Underwriters (AIMU)


Read more about AIMU’s success with Triple-I Amplify.

Tell us how you define success:

We want to hear about your biggest challenges and show you how Triple-I Amplify is helping insurance organizations to maximize return on their communications efforts and budgets.

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