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At the Triple-I, we want people to have the information they need to make educated decisions, manage risk, and appreciate the essential value of insurance.

With more than 50 insurance company members — including regional, super-regional, national and global carriers — we are #1 online source for insurance information. Our website, blog and social media channels offer a wealth of data-driven research studies, white papers, videos, articles, infographics and other resources solely dedicated to explaining insurance and enhancing knowledge.

Unlike other sources, our sole focus is creating and disseminating information to empower consumers. We neither lobby nor sell insurance. We provide objective, fact-based information about insurance – information that is rooted in economic and actuarial soundness.

If your business, organization, or educational institution is interested in membership with the Triple-I, please visit www.iii.org/membership.

We are affiliated with The Institutes. Together, we seek to make a difference in society and in the lives of individuals, families and businesses by educating, elevating, and connecting people in the essential disciplines of risk management and insurance. 


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