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Disasters + Preparedness Wildfires: insurance and recovery resources

Following a wildfire or other disaster, getting back to normal can take some time. To assist in the recovery process, the Triple-I has compiled useful information around post-disaster safety, insurance coverage questions, and detailed guidance on how to file a claim. In addition, resources specific to those in California and other states are included. | Tips for protecting your home


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Publications Settling insurance claims after a disaster

After a disaster, you'll need to contact your insurer to get the claims process started. This article explains what you need to know about how to file a claim; how the claim process works; what's covered and what's not; whether the damage is covered under the terms of your policy; how long you have to file a claim; and how long it will take to process the claim.


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Triple-I/Milliman: 2020 turmoil takes toll on P/C insurer finances

The global pandemic and costly natural catastrophes will contribute to a projected 101.7 combined ratio for U.S. property/casualty insurers in 2020, higher than the 98.8 the industry posted last year, according to the latest Underwriting Projections: 2020-2022 report from the Triple-I and Milliman.

I.I.I. Glossary

SURPLUS- The remainder after an insurer’s liabilities are subtracted from its assets. The financial cushion that protects policyholders in case of unexpectedly high claims. (See Capital, Risk-based capital )

COINSURANCE- In property insurance, requires the policyholder to carry insurance equal to a specified percentage of the value of property to receive full payment on a loss. For health insurance, it is a percentage of each claim above the deductible paid by the policyholder. For a 20 percent health insurance coinsurance clause, the policyholder pays for the deductible plus 20 percent of his covered losses. After paying 80 percent of losses up to a specified ceiling, the insurer starts paying 100 percent of losses.

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Triple-Iā€™s Chief Economist Retires and Is Appointed a Non-Resident Scholar

For immediate release Triple-I Press Office: 904-806-7813, markf@iii.org   NEW YORK, Nov. Read More

Triple-I: 2020ā€™s Atlantic Hurricane Season Was One for the History Books

For immediate release Florida Press Office: 904-806-7813, markf@iii.org   SAINT JOHNS, Fla., Nov. 30, 2020 ā€“ The 2020 Atlantic hurricane season officially ends today with a record 30 named storms, including a near-record 13 hurricanes. Read More

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