Insurance: The Basics

Shopping for your first insurance policy? Updating coverages to fit a family's changing needs? Or planning to open the business of your dreams? Find the facts, insights, and no-nonsense insurance guidance you need.

About the Industry

Home, auto, life, even small business—if any of these are in the picture for you, then you'll want to start with some fundamental knowledge about how insurance can work for you.

Auto Insurance

Grab the wheel with confidence. Find definitions, answers and other essential information from how to shop for an auto policy that best fits your needs and budget to the most important steps to take if your vehicle has been involved in an accident.

Homeowners + Renters Insurance

More than the place that you live, a home is where memories are created and shared. Learn about safeguarding your home from common hazards--and how to purchase the right amount and type of coverage to protect your family and their possessions.

Life Insurance

Life insurance can help secure your beneficiaries' financial stability and create a meaningful legacy. Find resources to achieve your goals and create a solid foundation to support your family through all life's stages.

Financial Planning

Guidance for making insurance and related products a cornerstone of your household's financial security, whether it's building wealth to reach future goals or planning for disruptions that could affect your family's security.

Business Insurance

Whether it's a home-based business, a successful storefront operation, or a thriving company with changing needs, you'll need to manage your liability and business interruption risks. Find the facts, insights and guidance to help you purchase the right coverage to protect and grow your dream.

Disasters + Preparedness

Disasters happen, but planning ahead can save you time--and might even save your life. Learn how to arm yourself and your household with preparedness strategies that deliver peace of mind and make the difference when fire, natural catastrophes or other hazards strike.

Thought Leadership

Driving value and innovation in a climate of disruption is a challenge. How can today’s ideas be turned into actionable realities? Hear from insurance industry leaders and other experts as they discuss how they leverage their experience and vision to inspire—and lead. 

Other Insurance Topics

Get up to speed on essential additional coverages like flood and earthquake insurance, and find valuable information on mortgage insurance, watercraft coverage, identity theft protection, travel insurance and even policies for your pets.