Permission to Use Triple-I Content

We encourage you to share our content on your social platforms, on your website, or in a print publication. If you do so, we simply ask that you review and follow our rules for content usage:

Rules of Use for Triple-I Content

1) Cite the source as the Insurance Information Institute; if there is a secondary source (e.g. for a chart), please contact us directly to request the correct source language (

2) If the content is appearing on a website, in social media or an email newsletter, please link to wherever our content appears.

3) You may not charge anyone to view Triple-I content.

4) You may not alter Triple-I content in any way; if content needs to be edited down for space, please send us the edited version for review before posting or printing (

5) You may not use any images from the Triple-I website; unauthorized use of these images constitutes a violation of existing photo-licensing agreements and could result in the imposition of a fee.

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