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Guiding Principles for Triple-I Insurance Economics

Triple-I Insurance Economics and Data Analytics is the go-to-destination for data-driven insight into the relationship between economics and insurance performance. Led by our Chief Economist and Data Scientist, Dr. Michel Leonard, CBE, the practice aims to provide Triple-I members, industry stakeholders, and the general public a one-stop resource for property/casualty (P/C) data-driven insight including:

  • Quarterly Underlying Growth and Replacement Costs indices for major P/C lines
  • Weekly insight into the impact of economic releases on major P/C lines
  • Triple-I’s country-wide and insurance-specific inflation and growth forecasts
  • Custom carrier-specific insurance economics analysis
  • Timely research on major insurance economics and insurance data analytics trends

Here is an overview of the main products and services available to members and non-members.

Insurance Economics Quarterly Outlook (Members-Only)

Each quarter, the Insurance Economics team releases its insurance economics Outlook and shares key expectations about macroeconomic trends impacting P/C industry performance. The Quarterly Outlook provides historical and year-to-date data as well as five-year forecasts of underlying growth and replacement costs drivers by key industry and major P/C insurance lines. The Outlook’s content is organized around dashboard graphics and quotable content translating the impact of major economic trends into actionable insight for insurance professionals and stakeholders.

For the latest members-only, Insurance Economics Outlook.

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Insurance Economics Dashboard (Members-Only)

The Triple-I Insurance Economics Dashboard provides interactive graphics visualizing key economics drivers of insurance performance as well as key insurance underwriting metrics. Members can customize each graphics interface to visualize those insurance lines of specific interest to them or their company. Members can use the tables and graphics in their own presentation or contact the Insurance Economics team for custom versions or the underlying data source files. The Dashboard also provides Triple-I’s insurance economics forecasts and is updated quarterly.

With Triple-I membership, you will:

  • get quotable and authoritative data and forecasts
  • grab-and-paste graphs for presentations
  • use toggle buttons to customize graphs by lines, indicators, and metrics
  • view third-party historical data and proprietary forecasts
  • access to data definitions and source

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Insurance Economics Profiler (Members-Only)

Triple-I’s flagship members-only product is the Insurance Economics Profiler. The Profiler takes Triple-I’s Outlook analysis one step further by translating the impact of economic drivers of insurance performance for an individual member’s unique geographic footprint by state and own insurance lines.

Triple-I members can access the Sample Profiler here. For more about the Profiler contact

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Chart of the Week

The Triple-I Chart of the Week provides weekly insight into the impact of economic releases on major P/C lines. Each chart focuses on a specific economic release from the Bureau of labor Statistics, Bureau of Economic Analysis, and the Federal Reserve and both translates and summarizes each release’s impact on the P/C insurance industry. The Chart of the Week archive is a member benefit to Triple-I members only. Click here to learn more about membership. If you are a Triple-I member, please log in to the members-only portal on to view the Chart of the Week archive on the Welcome page. If you need assistance with your password or with finding the charts, please contact

The Charts are available on Twitter: Follow us at

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View Archived Chart of the Week Charts (Members Only) Not a member? Join the Triple-I today to view the archived charts.


Other Members Services

Triple-I members have access to additional products and services such as webinars, presentations, and content. The Insurance Economics team is also available to provide custom insight in response to members’ inquiries on issues ranging from insurance economics to data analytics.

Key Resources:

  • Quarterly Insurance Economics Outlook (Members-Only)
  • Insurance Economics Dashboard (Members-Only)
  • Insurance Economics Chart of the Week
  • Dr. Leonard’s Industry-Wide Presentations (Members-Only)
  • Key Topical Research and Presentations (Members-Only)

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