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Our Story The Team Non-Resident Scholars

Dr. Patricia Born

Florida State University

Dr. Mark J. Browne

St. John’s University

Teresa Chan

Columbia University

Dr. Craig B. Clements

Professor of Meteorology at San José State University and Director of the NSF I/UCRC Wildfire Interdisciplinary Research Center

Dr. Victor Gensini

Department of Earth, Atmosphere, and Environment at Northern Illinois University

Dr. Martin F. Grace

Temple University

Susan Holliday

Board director and adviser

Dr. Robert E. Hoyt

University of Georgia

Dr. Robert W. Klein

Georgia State University (Retired)

Dr. Phil Klotzbach

Colorado State University

Dr. Carolyn Kousky

Environmental Defense Fund

Dr. Howard C. Kunreuther

The University of Pennsylvania

Dr. Tyler Leverty

University of Wisconsin-Madison

Dr. Roy E. Lowrance

Applied Data Science, LLC

Lynne McChristian

University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

Michael Menapace, Esq.

Wiggin and Dana LLP

Dr. Stephen Mildenhall

St. John’s University

Dr. Lawrence “Lars” Powell

University of Alabama

Seth Rachlin, PhD

Arizona State University

Joan T. Schmit, PhD

University of Wisconsin-Madison

Dr. Scott J. Shackelford

Indiana University

Daniel L. Sussman

Crum & Forster

Tamika Tyson

TGC Impact

Dr. Steven N. Weisbart

Insurance Information Institute (Retired)