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James P. Ballot

Senior Advisor, Strategic Communications

Michael Barry

Senior Vice President, Head of Media Relations & Public Affairs

Brent Carris

Research Assistant

Katrina Cheung

Communications Manager

William Davis

Georgia Media Relations

Rita El-Hakim

Manager - Operations and Office Services

Laura L. Favinger

Chief Administrative Officer

Mary-Anne Firneno

Research Manager

Valerie Germain

Executive Assistant

Jennifer Ha

Head of Editorial and Publications

Dr. Robert P. Hartwig, CPCU

Immediate Past President & Special Consultant

Scott Holeman

Director - Media Relations

Ashleigh Jones

Office Manager/Executive Assistant

Sean Kevelighan

President and Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Michel Leonard, CBE

Vice President and Senior Economist

Charlene Lewis

Web Content Manager

Shorna Lewis

Director - Operations

Chi Wai Lima

Creative Director

James Lynch, FCAS MAAA

Chief Actuary, Vice President of Research and Education

Lynne McChristian

Communications Consultant

Lucian McMahon, CPCU, ARM-E, AU-M

Senior Research Specialist

Marielle Rodriguez

Brand and Design Coordinator

Janet Ruiz

Director - Strategic Communication

Maria Sassian

Research Director

Deena Snell

Membership Director

Dr. Steven N. Weisbart, CLU

Senior Vice President and Chief Economist

Loretta Worters

Vice President, Media Relations