In Case Of A Fire

Protecting yourself and your family

  • Install smoke detectors and familiarize your family with the sound of the alarm.
  • Plan an escape route from your home. If possible, every room should have two escape routes.
  • Remember that smoke and heat rise. When you encounter smoke, crawl on the floor where the air is cleaner.


Protecting your property

  • Make sure your roof is constructed with fire resistant materials.
  • Mark the entrance to your property clearly so that firefighters can easily locate your home.
  • Keep a fire extinguisher in your home.
  • Landscape your yard with fire-resistant plants. Check with your local fire department or landscapers to determine which plants are safe. Clear all other vegetation up to at least 30 yards from your home.
  • Make an inventory of your possessions to help facilitate the claim filing process if your belongings are damaged or destroyed.



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