Terrorism + Civil Unrest

Does my business need terrorism insurance?

Terrorism insurance is offered separately or as a special addition—called an “endorsement” or “rider”—to your standard commercial property insurance policy. A standard business policy alone will not cover losses caused by terrorism.

Terrorism risk insurance: The time to act is now


The Terrorism Risk Insurance Act (TRIA) expires December 31, 2014. Robert Hartwig, President, Insurance Information Institute outlines the possible economic consequences if Congress fails to renew this vital legislation.

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Understanding terrorism insurance

Terrorism insurance provides coverage to individuals and businesses for potential losses due to acts of terrorism.


Standard homeowners insurance policies include coverage for damage to property and personal possessions resulting from acts of terrorism. Terrorism is not specifically referenced in homeowners policies. However, the policy does cover the homeowner for damage due to explosion, fire and smoke—the likely causes of damage in a terrorist attack.