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#KlotzbachCloseUp, 05/31/18: 2018 Hurricane Season Forecast

JIF2018 One-on-One: Roger Morris of National Insurance Crime Bureau

JIF2018 One-on-One: Pete Miller of The Institutes


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JIF2018 One-on-One: James Dodge of Milliman Advanced Analytics

JIF2018 One-on-One: Roosevelt C. Mosley, Jr. of Pinnacle Actuarial Resources

JIF2018 One-on-One: Rohit Verma of Crawford & Company

“…Losses are a very emotional event… you need people around you and not just machines.” Rohit Verma, Global COO of Crawford & Company looks at the importance of business culture in mastering challenges created by today’s "two big disrupters": The data revolution and our industry's looming talent crisis.

JIF2018 One-on-One: Sean Kevelighan, Insurance Information Institute

“We’ll be doing our best to fulfill our mission, and hopefully it will promote a positive sense of the disruption that’s out there.” Insurance Information Institute CEO Sean Kevelighan discusses the “new normal” and outlines the ways insurers embrace resiliency when contending with catastrophes, geopolitical unrest, technological change and other forms of disruption.

JIF2018 One-on-One: Frank Nutter, Reinsurance Association of America

“[Reinsurance] has been pretty resilient.” Reinsurance Association of America (RAA) president, Frank Nutter, gives his outlook on capital markets and ways reinsurers can maximize efficiency and create value by partnering with private and public risk-bearing entities.

JIF2018 One-on-One: Donna Peeples of Pypestream

“The pendulum of control has swung hard away from brands in favor of customers.” Pypestream Chief Customer Officer, Donna Peeples, discusses realities insurers face as disruptive innovation creates greater symmetry between insurance companies and consumers.

JIF2018 One-on-One: Sean Kevelighan, Insurance Information Institute

Insurance Information Institute CEO Sean Kevelighan explains why disruption is the new normal” and outlines the ways insurers have both embraced resiliency when preparing for catastrophes, geopolitical and economic unrest and technological change, as well as have innovated more efficient, effective responses to the effects of disruption.