Insurance Leading on Climate Risk


Triple-I CEO Sean Kevelighan presented at the National Council of Insurance Legislators (NCOIL) Spring Meeting on March 5, 2022 to discuss The Interrelationship Between Climate Change and Insurance.

"With industry loss costs related to natural catastrophes soaring nearly 700 percent since the 80's, there can be no doubt that insurance has long been dealing with climate risk. And with more people than ever now moving to or living in catastrophe prone areas of the U.S., insurance is focused on helping customers and communities adapt to the changes, mitigate the risks, and become more resilient,” Kevelighan stated.Given the millions of Americans who live in harm’s way, Triple-I launched its Resilience Accelerator initiative and created a Resilience Ratings map to help people and communities better manage risk and become more resilient, Kevelighan said. The goal of Triple-I’s Resilience Accelerator is to demonstrate the power of insurance as a force for resilience by telling the story of how insurance coverage helps governments, businesses and individuals recover faster and more completely after natural disasters. Kevelighan’s NCOIL presentation is available for download below.


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