The Global Financial Crisis and Its Impacts on Energy Insurance Markets: Trends & Challenges

This PowerPoint report, presented by Robert Hartwig, president of the Insurance Information Institute, discusses what the weakening economy and the financial crisis mean for the P/C insurance industry and energy concerns. It notes that countries will need more energy and more insurance as they use $275 trillion in stimulus money to try to spend their way out of the recession. The core of the report focuses on global energy issues, noting that, surprisingly, overall energy market capacity levels for 2009 have increased. The presentation consists of numerous charts highlighting global forecasts for energy demand, types of investments and fuel sources, and global catastrophe activity. This energy market review concludes with a summary of lessons to be learned from the 2008 energy price bubble. The presentation also includes a review of insurer financial strength and ratings, a discussion of the different approaches to risk management taken by banks and insurers, and a look at insurer capacity, ratings, exposure, profitability, reinsurance and alternative risk transfer.

The following presentation is called "The Global Financial Crisis and Its Impacts on Energy Insurance Markets: Trends & Challenges". It was presented by Dr. Robert P. Hartwig on April 2, 2009.


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