Triple-I-Backed Resilience Innovation Hub to Expand In 2021

Hub’s New Leadership Team Members and Partnerships to Be Announced Today


For immediate release Insurance Information Institute: Michael Barry, 917-923-8245, ResilientH20 Partners: Richard S. Seline, 703-608-3000,


HOUSTON, Texas and NEW YORK, Jan. 14, 2021—The Insurance Information Institute (Triple-I) and ResilientH20 Partners today are announcing the Resilience Innovation Hub is expanding its national leadership team and partnership network.

Supported by the Triple-I, the Resilience Innovation Hub allows private and public sector entities to collaborate and bring-to-market resilience and disaster mitigation technologies, platform solutions, and projects. Moreover, the Hub connects investors and governments to spark increased commercialization of novel ideas from entrepreneurs, inventors, and academic institutions. Through a series of National Town Halls among thought-leaders and Lightning Round pitch sessions, the Hub highlighted last year disaster mitigation opportunities for the insurance, reinsurance, and alternative financing markets, while directly impacting resilience across the public and private sectors.

To hear today’s formal announcement, dial-in at noon, ET, after registering free of charge at this weblink. Sean Kevelighan, CEO, Insurance Information Institute, will be delivering the opening remarks.

The Hub is welcoming these 16 individuals to its Leadership Team, in the following roles:



·       Susan Holliday, Senior Advisor, International Finance Corp./The World Bank Group

·       Eleanor Kitzman, Former South Carolina & Texas Insurance Commissioner


Executive Mentors

·       Dr. David Alexander, Chief Geospatial Scientist, U.S. Department of Homeland Security

·       Hilary Agho, Senior Director, The Cannon

·       Bonnie Canal, Founder & Managing Partner, The Resiliency Institute, LLC

·       David Dodd, CEO, International Sustainable Resilience Center, Inc.

·       Gordon Feller, Founder, Meeting of the Minds & Global Fellow at the Smithsonian Institution’s Wilson Center

·       Patrick Marchman, Climate Resiliency Project Manager, Kleinfelder

·       Melissa Meeker, CEO, The Water Tower

·       Ron Prater, Chief Operating Officer & Co-Founder, Bent Ear Solutions

·       Charles Siroti, Executive Director, InnSure

·       Dr. Ted Smith, Director of the Center for Health, Air & Soil, University of Louisville

·       Landi Spearman, CEO, Organized Shift

·       Pamela Williams, Executive Director, BuildStrong Coalition


Engineering Adaptation & Insight

·       Mike Homma, President & CEO, GAP Engineering & Consulting Advisors


Extern & Project Manager

·       Kirk Waltz, Environmental Engineer


Headquartered at The Cannon in downtown Houston, home also to Resilient H20Partners, the Resilience Innovation Hub is joining forces with these organizations effective today to form the “Innovation Collaboratory,” too.

·       InnSure and their Blue Sky to Blueprint Design Lab in Boston, Mass.

·       RISE Resilience Innovations in Norfolk Va. and their successful Grand Challenge initiative

·       The Water Tower and their national public water utility resilience network


These affiliated organizations of The Cannon’s Launchpad will benefit the Hub and the Innovation Collaboratory by identifying additional sources of technology, projects, and innovation ecosystems.  

·       Gener8or

·       MassChallenge

·       The Impact Hub


The Resilience Innovation Hub supports the mission of the Triple-I’s Resilience Accelerator initiative, which is aimed at reducing the impact of extreme weather events and other perils by building more resilient communities and economies.


The Triple-I has a full library of educational videos on its YouTube Channel. Information about Triple-I mobile apps can be found here.

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