Triple-I: Wildfire Evacuees Should Review Their Insurance Coverage



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NEW YORK, April 26, 2022—Wildfire evacuees in Arizona, Colorado, Nebraska and New Mexico who are either displaced or returning home should review their homeowners and renters insurance policies and file a claim if they incurred fire-caused property damage, according to the Insurance Information Institute (Triple-I).  


“Insurers are the nation’s financial first responders and will be there to help their policyholders recover,” said Sean Kevelighan, CEO, Triple-I. “Yet insurers are facing challenges themselves given that these wildfire-prone states are becoming more densely populated. Nonetheless, it remains essential for people residing in these states to have the right types, and amounts, of insurance and that these communities are rebuilt in a more resilient manner.”  


The Tunnel Fire, which has been burning for more than a week in northern Arizona, has now charred more than 20,000 acres. A wildfire last Friday prompted evacuations in Colorado Springs and another caused one death and multiple injuries in Nebraska. The Calf Canyon Fire, burning east of Sante Fe, is posing the most significant threat to life and property in New Mexico.


Damage caused by fire and smoke is covered under standard homeowners and renters insurance policies. A standard homeowners insurance policy covers wildfire-caused property damage to a home’s structure and its outbuildings (e.g., garage) as well as the personal belongings housed on the premises. A renter’s insurance policy covers the renter’s personal belongings. Water damage caused by firefighters extinguishing a fire is covered under both homeowners and renters insurance policies.  


Standard homeowners and renters insurance policies also provide additional living expenses (ALE), sometimes referred to as loss of use, to policyholders who either relocated because of a mandatory evacuation order or had their residence rendered uninhabitable due to wildfire-related damage.  


In addition, the Triple-I has claims-filing tips online for homeowners and renters insurance policyholders.



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