Triple I Research: Social Inflation


Analysts believe social inflation is the combined product of socioeconomic, legislative, and litigation factors that spark more frequent, sizeable, and sometimes unnecessary claim payouts. Whatever the primary drivers, social inflation is shifting loss ratios for insurers and disrupting forecasts, rendering cost management more challenging.

Triple-I and its research partners wanted to know: can insurers reliably quantify social inflation for rating and reserving purposes? Our in-depth studies employ standard actuarial metrics and visualizations to demonstrate how actuarial insights could be useful in addressing this question.

Ultimately, we want to help legislators, regulators, media, and policyholders better understand how to work together to mitigate social inflation's impact on coverage availability and affordability. Therefore, we welcome all stakeholders to the conversation as we continue developing research and curating thought leadership resources to increase awareness.

Follow our studies (below), Social Inflation knowledge hub, and blog to stay abreast of this critical issue.

Research Papers

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