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Infographic: National Dog Bite Prevention Week

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Infographic: Dog bite liability claims 2016

What is a loss history report?

A Loss History Report is a record of insurance losses associated with a home or a car. Most homeowners and auto insurance companies contribute claims history information to a database known as the Comprehensive Loss Underwriting Exchange (C.L.U.E.), which is available from LexisNexis. The information is generally used by insurers when they underwrite policies.


Infographic: How to file a flood insurance claim

Experiencing a flood is never pleasant. However, there are things that you can do to make the claims process run more smoothly and efficiently.

Infographic: This hurricane season, lock in peace of mind


Insuring a vacation home

Like any residence, your vacation home needs to be insured—but because the risks are different, the coverage might cost more than your primary homeowners policy. Before you leap into second-home ownership, consider the factors that will likely affect the price you’ll need to pay for insuring it.

Earthquake insurance for homeowners

Earthquakes and coverage

Earthquakes can cause much harm to home structures. They can damage housing foundations and collapse walls; even relatively mild tremors can destroy furnishings and belongings.

Insurance for landslides and mudflow

Aside from the danger of flooding, heavy rainfall can also lead to mudflow, basically creating a river of mud; and landslides, which are caused by the movement of the destabilized land—due either to gradual erosion or an accumulation of water.

Don’t confuse mudflows with mudslides as there are distinct differences.  Mudslides occur when a mass of earth or rock moves downhill, propelled by gravity. They typically don't contain enough liquid to seep into your home, and they aren't eligible for flood insurance coverage. In fact, mudslides are not covered by any policy.

Self-storage facility coverage and tips

Self-storage units can be a good way keep clutter out of your home. And having the right insurance coverage is the best way to financially protect your off-premise belongings.

The i's on insurance: The claim game – homeowners


The I's on Insurance: The Claim Game, Homeowners," from the Insurance Information Institute (http://www.iii.org), opens the door to a whole new understanding of the claim-filing process. From understanding your policy documents to which records you should to keep to working with your Insurance Professionals, this short video is a helpful introduction that will take some of the stress out of filing a claim in the event that your house is damaged or burglarized.

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