Media Advisory: U.S. Senate Examining Climate’s Insurance Impact



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NEW YORK, March 22, 2023—Reporters covering today’s U.S. Senate hearing, Risky Business: How Climate Change is Changing Insurance Markets, are encouraged to contact the Insurance Information Institute (Triple-I) for interviews and analysis.


“Insurers are taking a responsible approach toward promoting a more sustainable and resilient environment and economy. In addition to serving as financial first responders, they are working with the communities and industries they serve to get out in front of climate risk, reduce the impact of extreme events, and improve resilience,” stated Sean Kevelighan, CEO, Triple-I.


In 2022, Triple-I offered its insights on Peril and Promise: Climate Risk and Resilience, a program presented by The institutes Griffith Foundation in collaboration with the Insurance Regulator Education Foundation (IREF), and moderated a panel of leading experts on Solving for the World’s #1 Climate Risk—Flood at 2022’s InsureTech Connect (ITC) conference. Moreover, in an appearance last year before the National Council of Insurance Legislators (NCOIL), Triple-I discussed The Interrelationship Between Climate Change and Insurance.


Given that millions of Americans live in harm’s way, Triple-I also created a Resilience Accelerator to promote resilience and close the insurance protection gap.





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