Insurance Handbook

For more than 60 years the Insurance Information Institute (Triple-I.) has been regarded as a primary source of factual information and credible analysis on insurance—what it does and how it works. The Triple-I does not lobby. Its crucial educational role is especially important in today’s challenging economic environment.

While the turmoil in the financial markets affects individual insurers differently, the insurance industry, as a whole, remains fundamentally strong.The basic function of insurance—the orderly transfer of risk from client to insurer—continues today without interruption. This means that insurers todaycontinue to sell and renew policies, pay claims and develop new products to protect people’s property, businesses and lives and help support their retirement.

To help policymakers better understand the unique role played by insurers in managing risk, the Triple-I. has published the Insurance Handbook for Policymakers. It provides insight on key issues affecting the industry, from financial and market conditions, to the nature of insurance regulation, to covering the costs of natural disasters and terrorism. It also provides information on the basics of insurance as well as numerous tables and charts and directories of insurance associations and regulators.

The Handbook is designed to be used in conjunction with the Institute’s other information resources: our website (, which provides comprehensive information on all aspects of insurance, and our various publications, including the Insurance Fact Book and A Firm Foundation: How Insurance Supports the Economy.

Policymakers and media may obtain free copies of these publications by calling the Triple-I at 212-346-5500 or emailing

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