Insuring Your Business: Small Business Owners' Guide to Insurance

Traffic accidents are the number one cause of on-the-job fatalities.  Effective risk management can reduce the number of injuries and deaths and the potential liability lawsuits that may result from accidents in which  employees were involved.

These are some recommended practices:

  • Before allowing anyone to drive company vehicles, check motor vehicle department records in any  state where the person previously lived or worked.
  • Prohibit driving and drinking or use of certain nonprescribed drugs.
  • If intoxication or substance abuse is proven, have a safety-oriented procedure for dealing with it.
  • Implement and enforce a mandatory seat-belt policy for all drivers and passengers.
  • Prohibit employees from using cell phones while driving. Require that they pull off the road before talking on a cell phone.
  • Recognize that aggression and hostility are personality traits that may lead to accidents.  Some drivers may need behavior modification training.   
  • Require drivers to report any off-duty accidents to the company.  Review the motor vehicle records of your company drivers at least annually.
  • Limit nonbusiness use of vehicles.
  • Require employees that regularly drive vehicles in the course of their employment to complete a driver-training program that includes: safe following distance, speed awareness and control, and proper backing techniques.
  • Implement a periodic safety inspection and maintenance program for all vehicles used for business purposes.
  • Offer recognition to accident free drivers to encourage better driving overall.
  • Make sure that your work schedule doesn’t pressure drivers to speed, complete paperwork while driving or engage in other poor driving habits.
  • Have a procedure for drivers to follow after any accident.
  • Investigate the causes of all accidents and use the results as a training opportunity for all drivers.
  • Use security measures to prevent theft and vandalism of vehicles stored on your property.