I.I.I. Taps 15 New Non-Resident Scholars to Broaden Its Areas of Expertise


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NEW YORK, November 13, 2019—The Insurance Information Institute (I.I.I.) today announced the appointment of 15 new Non-Resident Scholars (NRS) in a move which expands dramatically the I.I.I.’s formal ties to academia and the business community.

“The Insurance Information Institute is pleased to join forces with this diverse group of thought leaders,” stated Sean Kevelighan, CEO, I.I.I. “We welcome the subject matter expertise and industry knowledge these 15 individuals bring to our organization. Their skills and experience will benefit our members, the insurance industry, and the general public as we strengthen the Insurance Information Institute’s ability to respond to a variety of issues.”

The newly appointed Non-Resident Scholars are:

  • Dr. Patricia Born, Florida State University
  • Dr. Mark J. Browne, St. John’s University
  • Dr. Martin Grace, Temple University
  • Susan Holliday, International Finance Corporation/World Bank
  • Dr. Robert E. Hoyt, University of Georgia
  • Dr. Robert W. Klein, Georgia State University
  • Dr. Carolyn Kousky, University of Pennsylvania
  • Dr. Howard C. Kunreuther, University of Pennsylvania
  • Dr. Tyler Leverty, University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • Dr. Roy E. Lowrance, Applied Data Science, LLC
  • Michael Menapace, Esq., Quinnipiac University School of Law and Wiggin and Dana, LLP
  • Dr. Stephen Mildenhall, St. John’s University
  • Dr. Lawrence “Lars” Powell, University of Alabama
  • Daniel L. Sussman, Esq., Crum & Forster
  • Tamika Tyson, Noble Energy, Inc.


Like the I.I.I.’s two incumbent Non-Resident Scholars, the new appointees will be asked to:

  • Provide insight about timely issues facing the insurance industry
  • Deliver presentations and moderate panel discussions at webinars and other special events
  • Write and review white papers and research projects
  • Conduct media interviews and act as advisors for key I.I.I. initiatives

“The Insurance Information Institute’s Non-Resident Scholar program brings together renowned experts in their fields who are passionate about insurance,” said Dr. Steven Weisbart, Senior Vice President and Chief Economist, I.I.I. “In addition to deepening the public’s understanding of insurance industry issues, we believe expanding our Non-Resident Scholar program will expose a greater number of talented students to insurance career opportunities, too.”

The I.I.I.’s newest Non-Resident Scholars join a network which currently includes Dr. Phil Klotzbach of Colorado State University and Lynne McChristian of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Photos and bios of the I.I.I.’s 17 Non-Resident Scholars are here.

For more information about the I.I.I.’s NRS program, contact Dr. Michel Léonard, Vice President and Senior Economist, I.I.I., at michell@iii.org.


Video: Sean Kevelighan, CEO, I.I.I., discussing the NRS program’s expansion

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