Triple-I: Halloween Is Less Scary When Households Prepare



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NEW YORK, Oct. 27, 2022—Halloween trick-or-treaters and their parents pose potential risks to homeowners and renters, yet everyone can breathe easier if a few precautionary steps are taken, according to the Insurance Information Institute (Triple-I).


To prevent injury and to reduce the likelihood of property damage, Triple-I recommends homeowners and renters take these five steps before the arrival of Halloween on Monday, Oct. 31.


  1. Keep walkways clear and well-lighted. Make sure leaves and brush have been cleared from all walkways to avoid slip-and-fall accidents.  A well-lighted home also allows everyone to see where they are going as they approach the door.
  2. Keep electrical wires tied down. Certain Halloween costumes put children at risk of tripping, especially if they are wearing masks and are unfamiliar with their surroundings. Extension cords and other electrical wiring should be securely tied down and kept out of a pedestrian’s path.
  3. Make sure staircase railings are secure. A pedestrian can injure themselves when walking up a staircase with railings which are either damaged or unsecured. The liability portion of a homeowners or renters insurance policy comes into play if an injury occurs when someone is walking near a residence.
  4. Use battery-operated bulbs instead of candles. The National Fire Protection Association reports candles ignite thousands of home fires each year. Standard homeowners and renters insurance policies cover fire-related losses.   
  5. Keep pets in another room.  Pets are often unreceptive to a steady stream of visitors ringing your doorbell. The liability portion of a homeowners or renters insurance policy covers property damage or injuries caused by pets.


Triple-I also recommends parking vehicles in either an enclosed garage or a secure parking area to avoid vandalism or theft. These types of losses are covered by the optional comprehensive portion of an auto insurance policy, which about 80% of U.S. drivers carry.  

Being well-prepared will help ensure homeowners, renters, and drivers avoid a spooky experience this Halloween, according to Triple-I.




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