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The COVID-19 pandemic–and how governments, businesses and individuals react to it–raises many issues relevant to property/casualty (P/C) insurers and their customers. As a trusted source of unique, data-driven insights on insurance, Triple-I tracks and reports on these multi-faceted issues. We have created and curated information and resources to help you navigate P/C insurance issues in this rapidly changing environment. Here you will find Communications updates and Fact Sheets; Triple-I thought leadership; and finally, reports and analysis on the latest news and developments impacting the industry and its customers, from the Triple-I Blog. Current global and U.S. cases and deaths are shown here: Facts + Statistics: Mortality risk.


The Future of American Insurance & Reinsurance (FAIR)

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Triple-I launches campaign to support resiliency of the economy during the coronavirus pandemic

On May 18, 2020, the Insurance Information Institute (Triple-I) announced the launch of the Future of American Insurance & Reinsurance (FAIR) campaign. As communities reopen and restart, insurers will play a critical role in the process, continuing to provide financial protection for the millions of Americans who depend on them for indemnification from risks they rightfully insured. Yet the industry is threatened with growing calls to retroactively alter insurance policies, cover the economic cost of widespread closures, and adjust workers compensation criteria, among other new developments. FAIR will focus on ensuring the insurance industry is able to sustain its longstanding role as the country’s backbone of economic growth and stability. Said Triple-I CEO Sean Kevelighan, “While the insurance industry has been doing its part to step up and support their communities in this time of crisis, pandemics are fundamentally uninsurable events. The federal government remains the only entity with the financial resources to help businesses recover from a systemic event of this magnitude. With the support of the public sector and the innovation of groups like insurers in the private sector, we can come together to work toward recovering from this catastrophe and build a more resilient future.” Visit and follow @FAIRInsure on Twitter for updates. (May 18, 2020) | View

Trending: Business Income (Interruption) Insurance

Trending: Business Interruption Insurance
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The True Cost of Rewriting Business Income (Interruption) Policies

COVID-19 has brought the U.S. economy to a standstill. Are insurers so well-capitalized they can pay claims on insurance policies for which they collected no premiums due to virus and bacteria exclusions?

The short answer is no. (April 28, 2020) | View


Insurance Industry’s Response to COVID-19

This presentation, given by Triple-I CEO and President Sean Kevelighan in a webinar sponsored by The National Council of Insurance Legislators and the Rutgers Center for Risk and Responsibility at Rutgers Law School, discusses the property/casualty industry's response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The insurance industry is applying forward-thinking solutions to take care of its customers, communities and employees during the COVID-19 crisis through multiple initiatives. The report also discusses in detail the following: insurer capital; monthly costs of retroactive changes to SME BI policies; and includes four key takeaways on business income (interruption) insurance. It concludes with a discussion on how federally backed government solutions are available. (April 24, 2020) | View


Business Income (Interruption) Insurance: Key Facts

This Triple-I Fact Sheet explains how business insurance functions, and the coverage it typically provides. Business income insurance is generally purchased as part of a business property insurance policy, for an additional premium. To file a business insurance policy claim, the loss must usually be caused by direct physical damage to the business's property. (April 22, 2020) | View


Business Interruption claims related to COVID-19

Among the ways in which we are in uncharted territory is the scale of how businesses are impacted by the pandemic. Unsurprisingly, in reaction to slow-downs and shut-downs in many business sectors, businesses are looking for ways to mitigate their losses or recover lost revenue. One avenue that businesses are exploring is the availability of business income (interruption) coverage under their property insurance policies. The language of an insured’s policy will control whether COVID-19 interruptions are covered. Unfortunately, much of the media commentary on business income (interruption) claims related to COVID-19 has inappropriately treated all insurance policies as though they are identical. Triple-I Blog | 04/01/2020


Do I need business interruption insurance?

Business income (interruption) insurance can be as vital to your survival as a business as fire insurance. Most people would never consider opening a business without buying insurance to cover damage due to fire and windstorms. But too many small business owners fail to think about how they would manage if a fire or other disaster damaged their business premises so that they were temporarily unusable. Business income (interruption) coverage is not sold separately. It is added to a property insurance policy or included in a package policy. Triple-I Consumer Article

More Business Income (Interruption) Insurance content available on the Triple-I Blog.

Triple-I Research: Presentations and reports

Triple-I Research: Presentations and reports
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Triple-I webinar: Surplus is key to insurers keeping policyholder promises

In a recent webinar, Triple I CEO Sean Kevelighan, Chief Economist Steven Weisbart and Senior Economist Michel Leonard discussed the impact of unconstitutional retroactive business income (interruption) claims payouts on the property/casualty insurance industry and the economy. (April 16, 2020) | View

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Global Macro and Insurance Outlook: How will the COVID-19 outbreak impact global growth and the insurance industry? (November 16, 2020)

Triple-I Fact Sheets

Triple-I Fact Sheets
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Workers Comp: COVID-19 and Essential Employees (09/21/2020)

COVID-19 and Business Income (Interruption) Insurance (06/10/2020)

The True Cost of Rewriting Business Income (Interruption) Policies (04/28/2020)

Business Income (Interruption) Insurance: Key Facts (04/22/2020)

Understanding Business Interruption Insurance and Pandemics (04/13/2020)

Insurers Offer Forward-Looking Solutions For COVID-19 Recovery (04/02/2020)

Insurers Are Engaged in the COVID-19 Crisis (03/28/2020)

Triple-I Communications

Triple-I Communications
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Catastrophe Losses and Uncertainty from COVID Continue to Put Pressure on Rates and Profitability, New Triple-I/Milliman Report Shows (11/17/21)

Insurers Led Through 2020’s Disruptions, Triple-I CEO Says (5/25/21)

Triple-I CEO: 2020 Proved Insurers Can Lead Through Disruption (3/23/21)

Triple-I/Milliman Report Projects Insurer Growth, Profits in 2021 (2/2/21)

Triple-I—Top Insurance Markets to See 4.5% GDP Decrease In 2020 (11/16/2020)

More Triple-I Communications updates are available here.

Workers compensation

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What COVID-19 means for workers comp claims

So far, the impact of COVID-19 on workers compensation has not been as great as first feared. Triple-I Blog | 01/12/2021

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Auto insurance

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Here’s what’s happening to your auto insurance costs

You’ve probably been reading news stories about rising inflation, and auto insurance has been pulled into the picture. Triple-I Blog | 5/13/2021

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Liability and specialty coverage

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Social Inflation and COVID-19

COVID-19 could produce a big increase in social inflation as businesses sue their insurers in an attempt to access their business income interruption coverage for losses relating to the pandemic. However, court closings may have a downward effect on social inflation as people may be more willing to settle than wait for a delayed trial. Triple-I Blog | 07/06/2020

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Insurance gives back

Insurance give back
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Insurance Gives Back: March 2021 Update

Insurance companies are working to alleviate the impact of the COVID-19 crisis by supporting their employees and distribution partners, donating money to global relief efforts and easing the financial burden on their customers. Triple-I Blog | 3/17/21

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Life and health insurance

Life insurance
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Can Life Insurers Cover All COVID-19 Death Claims?

Will life insurers be able to pay all the death claims attributable to COVID-19 that come on top of claims for deaths not directly related to the pandemic? Triple-I chief economist Dr. Steven Weisbart says they can. Triple-I Blog | 05/21/2020

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Policyholder impact

Auto insurance
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Auto Insurance Claims Satisfaction at a Record High During Pandemic

Auto insurers used the decline in auto damage claims during the COVID-19 pandemic as an opportunity to refine their claims processes, and customers have noticed. Triple-I Blog | 10/22/2020

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