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Workers Compensation

Workers compensation insurance provides for the cost of medical care and rehabilitation for injured workers. It also provides for lost wages and death benefits for the dependents of persons killed in work-related accidents. Workers compensation systems vary from state to state. There are two components to workers compensation claims costs: cash payments for lost time (which are usually linked to a state’s average weekly wage), known as indemnity costs, and payments for medical care.


Workers Compensation Benefits, Coverage And Costs, 2015-2016


  2015 2016 Percent change,
Covered workers (000) 135,850 138,251 1.8%
Covered wages ($ billions) $7,198 $7,422 3.1
Workers compensation benefits paid ($ billions) 62.0 61.9 -0.2
     Medical benefits 31.2 31.1 -0.3
     Cash benefits 30.8 30.8 (1)
Employer costs for workers compensation ($ billions) 95.5 96.5 1.1

(1) Less than -0.1 percent.

Source: Workers Compensation: Benefits, Coverage, and Costs, October 2018, National Academy of Social Insurance.

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